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“The three most important things about real estate is location, location, location.”

Virtually every real estate agent on earth knows this and should live by this.  Having spent most of my career (15 years) as a real estate agent,  I have heard this phrase ‘location, location, location’ a thousand times over.  In fact, I heard it well before I began selling…my dad and grandparents discussed this all the time (you see I come from a family of investors and agents…Ok enough about me-lol) This age old axiom holds that the location of any given property is its most important quality… period, no questions asked-well does it? Obviously every property is distinctively different, they each possess unique traits and characteristics but if you ask anyone in the “know” most will tell you that its location is by far its most important attribute. So be it a cabin in the woods, a house on the beach or a shopping center located on a bustling thoroughfare, location invariably holds the key when you’re talking about real estate value.